As an eyebrow gel

If love a strong brow (step away from those tweezers!) – tidiness is key. Dip a clean mascara wand in some aloe vera gel and sweep over stray brows for serious stay-put power without getting hard or sticky.

Also, you can mix one part aloe gel with one part castor oil. It seems to help over-plucked eyebrows grow in faster.”

aloe vera 2

Here’s the recipe to make DIY eyebrow gel:

  1. Fresh aloe/store bought gel
  2. Color (optional) – activated charcoal (black), cocoa powder (brown), beet powder (red), ginger powder (pale cream)
  3. Arrowroot powder as a thickener or to lighten your brow gel color  (optional)
  4. Unrefined shea butter (optional)


aloe vera 3

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