Life-changing beauty tip for your skin


Many of us are looking for a long to find the perfect primer. Many irritate the skin, and don’t work. After much trial and error, We’ve managed to find a couple that work well, but because they’re obviously full of chemicals that make them what they are,  try not to use them daily.

One of the things we found was to use Aloe Vera Gel as a makeup primer!
 It’s recommended to only use the clear kind – not the green or the blue or any other tinted gel.picutre 2

Now, if you think about it, using aloe makes sense. It’s hydrating, pore-refining, soothes redness, helps control oil, and is the perfect primer if you’re fighting an acne breakout, because it actually helps fight the acne!

When you apply it to your skin, it dries down to an almost tacky finish, similar to that of the Nivea product. That’s when you apply your foundation and/or concealer. And it holds it on all day long!!

picutre 3

Especially if you have combination/oily skin – it controls the oil, without getting heavy halfway through the day like most traditional makeup primers do, nor does it allow my makeup to break up as the oil tries like hell to surface. If anything, you look slightly dewy, but not oily! And because there’s minimal chemical ingredients (a few preservatives, just to keep it from going bad) I find that I get absolutely no oxidization with any foundation or concealer either, which makes this a total win!

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