Make-up tips every bride should know !!!



If you (or your sister or your friend, etc. ) are bride you should know this tips!!!

Many people keep asking themselves: What if my make up won’t last all night long?


Don’t worry! Here are the tips you should know for perfect make-up during the night.
First of all, don’t put too much make-up on your face, to get more natural look but also glammy and luxurios. Put a little bit of foundation on your face and contour very gently and do not use to much contour, because your face will look so unnatural and fake, but if you put a little bit, your make-up will last even more!
Put in your bag the essentials to fix your make-up in 5 minutes and your make-up will be glowy and fresh just like did it before. But what I need to take with me?

First, of all take your foundation with you and of course a beauty blender!!! You can use beauty blender or silisponge it depends on you, it’s your choise.
Take with you your contour palette to fix the area under the eyes. And of course take with you your lipstick of lipgloss and the lip pencil you’ve used before!!
When you’ll be done with your make-up you can put on your whole face a fixator of make-up or if you don’t have any, use your hair spray (Taft by Schwarzkopf for exemple) and put a little bit on your whole face and be careful do not open your mouth when you put the hair spray on your face!!


And here you are! You’ll have perfect make-up, if you are self-taught make-up artist or if someone has done your make-up, here are the tips you should know to fix your make-up. You’ll have glowy look and long lasting make-up!!!

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